About Us

some_textThe creators of Bodhi Retreat, Sam and Dawn Sampson are a husband and wife team, and between them they have a wealth of experience and an understanding of the combination of elements that are the essence of healthy living and wellbeing. They have put living a healthy lifestyle into practice and have reaped the benefits.

Sam spent many years in the Royal Marines and several of those years as a Physical Training Instructor, building young recruits to fully trained Marines. Health, fitness and nutrition have been a major part of his life since a young age. He possesses an aptitude for teaching, coaching, motivating and nurturing others to succeed. These skills have proved to be invaluable to his career since leaving the Corps.

With his knowledge and experience, he has had fantastic results with many people of varying ages and fitness levels developing and coaching them to reach their goals. Practised in; fitness plan design, weight management programs, sports specific training and injury rehabilitation. He is passionate about getting people active, his group and individual workouts are fun, effective and enjoyable.some_text

Sam is a Master Personal Trainer (registered with the European Health & Fitness Association), a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. As well as, being an instructor for various other activities, including; swimming teacher, canoeing instructor, top rope and abseil climbing, unarmed combat & self defence.

Dawn is a Diet and Nutrition Consultant and strives to inspire others into making healthy life style choices. She is responsible for the menu plan, utilising the simple ethos of taking great raw ingredients and using them in the right combinations, to nourish body and soul.

She has been involved in fitness since her school days and is a firm believer that staying active is an important part of maintaining health and vitality. “It’s a combination of diet, nutrition, mindset, education and exercise”.

As well as having studied the science behind weight loss, weight gain and weight management, Dawn is an experienced and proficient Colonic Hydrotherapist, who enthuses about the wonders and workings of the human body and the benefits of holistic therapies. She is also a Nail Technician (specialising in foot care) and qualified in various other beauty treatments.some_text

Both Sam and Dawn recognise the impacting effect on people that the daily demands and stresses from living in today’s busy hectic world can have. They believe that with some adjustments to; diet and lifestyle and the way these are both perceived, through a method of tuition and direction, they can equip you with the necessary tools to go forward and re-balance your life, being happier, healthier and revitalised and living longer with optimum health.

Their drive and enthusiasm for a “healthy body and a healthy mind” approach is infectious and has proved to be extremely popular with guests and clients of all ages.