Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and inspiration is born from our holistic wellness beliefs and wealth of experience, developing healthy habits, making better choices and seeing positive results. It’s about support, guidance, information sharing, healthy eating, movement and growth. By taking this approach, we aim to focus on the “root cause” of any imbalances of body / mind systems.

‘’To gain something you haven’t previously been getting means doing something you haven’t previously been doing”

It’s all about you..

We are all individuals and as such our guests have different expectations and requirements. Our flexibility means we are able to support and guide you on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be. With the combined elements of our program and your full participation you can achieve the changes that you desire, taking them home with you and maintain them well into the future.

Modern day living, from many viewpoints is out of balance from our genetic blue print, we over consume, eat to many processed, refined foods and additives, sit too much, move to little, are subjected to constant daily pressures and allow ourselves to little time to rest and restore balance. All of the methods we use in our program address this paradox. At Bodhi Retreat we have a simple approach that works, with the ability to produce outstanding results and people’s lives can change for the better.

Our Philosophy

Life is a journey and as in any journey, sometimes you may need a little help along the way. That is what we are here for.

Whether you want some help in losing weight or controlling diabetes some guidance on diet, exercise, positive thinking or a combination of all of these let us become a traveling companion in this wonderful journey of life.

On the other hand, you may already be living a healthy, active lifestyle and would like to come along and join us in the beautiful Jalon Valley for a relaxing and mindful holiday.

We also know that enjoying the natural environment helps balance the mind and spirit, so we are ideally situated in an area with inspiring views, with an abundance of blue skies and fresh air, where you can soak up the warming rays of the sun and get that natural “feel good factor”.

If we are able to empower and inspire people into making healthier lifestyle choices, increase their self awareness and generate self responsibility, so they live fuller and happier lives, then this would enrich our lives for the better.

Life is for living …. You should live it the best you can, making it as happy and healthy and fulfilling as possible.