Why join us on a retreat?

Why Choose UsDo you want to kick start a healthy lifestyle?
Discover a slimmer and more radiant you?
Feel fitter?
Gain more energy and vitality?
Be confident and in control?

Having confidence is so closely connected with being happy, feeling good about yourself and self belief.

In the home environment, making certain changes can be challenging and frustrating. No matter how much we want change, at times it can be difficult. We can assist you in making those changes and turn them into realities!

Taking time out, to join us on a retreat and allowing us to offer support and guidance, means you are breaking the cycle of your day to day routine, creating an opening for new experiences, allowing yourself to let go and therefore more able to fulfil good intentions and achieve your goals, whilst gaining the knowledge and tools to sustain them when you return home.

We are passionate about the service we provide, presenting you with an ideal opportunity to break away from certain eating habits and thought processes and to embrace an Alkaline lifestyle. Addressing the balance of acid and alkaline foods in your diet can aid digestion and help your energy levels soar, it’s a simple route to great health and wellbeing.

Bodhi Why Choose Us 1Our healthy menu plan has been created with great care, to nourish your body. It’s packed with goodness and deliciously fresh, tasty and highly nutritious. Your digestive system will thank you for it…

Re-balancing body and mind, cleansing and nourishing at a cellular level can have some powerful results for both our mental attitude and physical wellbeing:

Improved health
Boosting the immune system
Assisting in healthy weight loss & maintenance of loss
Reducing cholesterol
Regulating blood sugar levels
Regulating blood pressure