The Programme

The ProgramWe provide a service which focuses on “helping people to help themselves”

The idea is that strengthening body, mind and spirit will lead to optimum health and wellness.

Programme cornerstones:

  • Diet (nutritional energy)
  • Exercise (activity)
  • Mind-set (thought processes & patterns)
  • Education (information & explanation )


Diet :- Each day, we provide freshly made, delicious food and juices. Healthy cuisine, that is nutritionally balanced and helps to cleanse and nourish your body from a cellular level.
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Exercise :- All our exercise classes are ideal for any fitness level, they  are fun and informative whilst working different areas of the body. They are the results of years of practical development and aim to motivate you, as exercise both physical and mental is an important factor for good health.
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Mind-set :- We believe with the right mind-set all things are achievable. We will work with you to expand a positive mental attitude toward diet, exercise and healthy life style choices, which could change your life forever.
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Knowledge Empowers YouEducation :- By way of demonstrations, workshops, talks, coaching, mentoring, one-to-one sessions and  informative DVD’s.

“Re-balance from the inside out”

We will never have more than 9 people on a Bodhi retreat at any one time, ensuring you get the attention you deserve. Our intention is make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, so you feel relaxed and at home during your stay.