Weight Loss

Booking a holiday at Bodhi Retreat means that you can shed weight naturally, while enhancing your health. The average weight loss is 1lb a day.

“A goal of – fat loss rather than weight loss”

Cuisine that is a proven and effective combination of detoxifying, fresh, delicious healthy juices and the goodness of natural whole foods, just as nature intended. Free from the processes that are connected with weight gain and the root cause of so many common health problems. The daily exercise programme includes a variety of classes, to increase activity levels, boosting metabolism and improve cardio health, for all ages and fitness levels. A plan, that allows the body to burn fat and maintain muscle. Which means you, can slim down whilst attaining a beneficial fat-to-muscle ratio (BMI), which is important for health.

“Detox and cleanse your body, whilst improving fitness levels, muscle tone and clarity of mind”